The Word
Season 5
Episode 12A
Written By Mirith JS Colao
Directed By
Brad Goodchild
Original Airdate November 17, 2000
Previous "Searching for Pepper Ann Pearson"
Next "The Perfect Couple"

The Word is the A part of the twelfth episode of Season 5 of Pepper Ann. It was paired with "The Perfect Couple" and originally aired on November 17, 2000.

Summary Edit

Pepper Ann finds the word "Frasny" written on the wall of the girl's bathroom. She doesn't know what it means, so she starts using it in conversation to see if anyone else has heard it. She only succeeds in turning it into the new "hip" word at school.


Milo: Who's frasny now, huh? Who??
Judge Trudy: You think you can frasny me? I was frasny when you were in diapers!


  • This episode marks the final appearance of Aunt Janie, Grandma Lillian, Grandpa Leo, Chuck, Uncle Remo, Uncle Harry and Aunt Fanny when they are seen in a flashback Pepper Ann has.
  • "Judge Trudy" is an obvious parody of "Judge Judy", a long-running courtroom show starring a Judge by the same name.


The spelling of the word is seen as "Frasny" for most of the episode, but switches to "Frazny" shortly before the end. In one particular scene, both spellings are on the screen at the same time.

The Desk GagEdit

"The letter Q!"