The Way They Were
The Way They Were
Season 4
Episode 18
Written By Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchka Khan
Directed By
Brad Goodchild
Original Airdate February 27, 2000
Previous "Jaybirds of a Feather"
Next "The One with Mr. Reason"

The Way They Were is the eighteenth and final episode of Season 4 of Pepper Ann. It originally aired on February 27, 2000.

Summary Edit

Pepper Ann, Milo and Nicky have a huge fight. They all start reminiscing about when they first met back in kindergarten. Pepper Ann was the new kid, Milo was shy and Nicky was the class bully.

The episode begins with Milo in science class with several dead plants. Milo thinks that Pepper Ann was supposed to water the plants, making the whole class laugh.

Then Nicky painted orange and Milo in a chicken costume were standing next to the otter statue, and Principal Hickey angrily yells at them for ruining the stock's fundraiser. Then at Greasy N' Cheesy, Pepper Ann gets into an arguement with Nicky and Milo, causing them to break up.

At home, Pepper Ann and her mom talk about how long since Nicky and Milo were best friends with Pepper Ann since kindergarten. Then the scenes shows flashbacks of when Pepper Ann and her mom (while she was pregnant with Moose) are moving to Hazelnut, and Pepper Ann wasn't happy about it. She claims that Boutag and the Bezeez aren't some stage show, but are her family.

Quotes Edit

Pink-Eye Pete: It's not germs! The doctor said it's a temporary bacterial infection. It'll be gone in two weeks, tops!

The Desk Gag Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Being that Pepper Ann premiered in and takes place mostly in 1997, the flashbacks in this episode would have happened sometime around 1990.
  • The title of this episode is a twist on the title of the 1973 film "The Way We Were".