Thanksgiving Dad
Season 1
Episode 10
Written By Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchka Khan
Directed By
Sherie Pollack
Original Airdate November 22, 1997
Previous "Soccer Season"
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"Thanksgiving Dad" is the the tenth episode of Season 1 of Pepper Ann. It is a full-length episode and originally aired on November 22, 1997.

Summary Edit

Pepper Ann's father calls on Halloween and says he has a special surprise for her and Moose on Thanksgiving. Pepper Ann gets very excited and takes this to mean he will come and to dinner on Thanksgiving instead of just calling like usual, and eventually decides Lydia must be in on it too.

Meanwhile, Lydia and Aunt Janie are determined to have the perfect Thanksgiving despite past mishaps.

Unfortunately things quickly go awry: the turkey burns, Ned eats all the yams, all the guests arrive several hours early, and Pepper Ann still hasn't heard a word from her father.


Janie: Just put down the cheese and back away.
Uncle Remo: Look, the only thing I care less about than your whacko kitchen is your nutso bathroom.
Milo: Man, Cissy's mom makes the best boobleberry flambé in the whole tri-nut area.
Lydia: We can scrape off the burnt part!
Janie: It's all burnt part.
Ned: I am a selfish yam-eater, I am a selfish yam-eater...
Grandpa Leo: I see you!
Pepper Ann: Milo, why don't you stay? Man, you're the biggest freak I know.
Milo: You're not just saying that, are you?
We're sorry, the phone you are currently using is a mirage. Please hang up and try your call again later, on a real phone.
~ phone operator in Pepper Ann's fantasy


  • This episode marks the first and only major appearance of a lot of Pepper Ann's relatives. Aunt Fanny and Uncle Harry make cameos in various other episodes, usually in the distant background, but this is the only appearance of Damian and Damiana.
  • This is first time Halloween occurs in the series, the second being "A 'Tween Halloween".
  • This is the only full-length episode in the series that Nicky does not appear in.


  • In the beginning of this episode, Pepper Ann tells her father that she's too old to go Trick-or-Treating, but that Lydia is making her take Moose. In "A 'Tween Halloween", however, she wrestles with the idea that she may in fact be too old to go out. Being that Pepper Ann is twelve for both episodes and the entire series, this seems to be a major continuity error.
  • Strangely, no one is credited for voicing Uncle Remo.

The Desk GagEdit

"Wow, a dreidel!"