Strike it Or Not
Strike it Or Not2
Season 5
Episode 3B
Written By Matthew Negrete
Directed By
Brad Goodchild
Original Airdate September 23, 2000
Previous "Carmello"
Next "Complimentary Colors"

Strike it Or Not is the B part of the third episode of Season 5 of Pepper Ann. It was paired with "Carmello" and originally aired on September 23, 2000.

Summary Edit

The teachers at HMS go on strike, protesting overcrowded classrooms and low salaries. At first, Pepper Ann thinks they're just being greedy, but after she hears that the soccer program may be cut, she joins the strike and finds out some interesting things about the teachers that make them seem more "human" and their needs more real.


Pepper Ann: So what made you wanna teach, Ms. Bladdar? Do you wanna change the world, make the future a better place for your children’s children?
Ms. Bladdar: I won't lie. I'm lookin' for a man.
Pepper Ann: Well, if you won’t stand up for our soccer program, then I’m left with no other choice but to—
Principal Hickey: Cross stitch? Throw horseshoes? Jump up, jump up, and get down?
Mr. Carter: Class doesn't start until I get here; therefore, I'm never late!
Pepper Ann: So happy...can't breathe...
Milo: Unhand me, woman! Don't make me hurt you.


  • Milo doesn't say a single coherent sentence in this entire episode.
  • Mr. Finky's "Sherm 'Fly Guy' Finky" jacket first appears in "Cocoon Gables".


  • When Pepper Ann, Nicky and Milo start chanting again and the teachers join in, they run off in what would be the opposite direction as they're shown going in the next scene.