Sherrie Spleen
Sherrie Spleen
Gender Female
Age Unknown
First Appearance
Last Appearance "The Finale"
Voiced By April Winchell

Sherrie Spleen is a TV anchorwoman for Channel 96 News. She also hosts "Nutline".

Formerly a radio host, Sherrie became dissatisfied with such a small-scale gig and decided to pursue a career in television.

She eventually retired from Channel 96 and hosted her own daytime talk show, entitled "Talkin' Trash" where she interviewed stars such as Gina Gingham of "Crazy Twin Shenanigans" fame.

Sherrie also tried her hand at the theater, starring in her own one-woman show called "I-Spleenicus."

Sherri spleen2

Future Sherrie, as she appeared in 'The Finale".