Gender Male
Age 7 (most likely)
First Appearance
"Beyond Good and Evel"
Last Appearance "Moose in Love"
Voiced By Pamela Segall

Sean is Margot LeSandre's son and Moose Pearson's friend and later love interest. He first appears in "Beyond Good and Evel" when he petitions to get a statue of Patrick Swayze put up in Lupkin Park.

He appears in various episodes throughout the series, and most of the time is billed as "Shouty Kid" in the credits.

In "Moose in Love" he and Moose develop a crush on each other, and we find out that Margot LeSandre is his mother, which horrifies Lydia, who, due to a misunderstanding when they were in college together, has hated Margot for years.

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