Psychic Moose
Season 1
Episode 4A
Written By Laura McCreary
Directed By
Sherie Pollack
Original Airdate October 4, 1997
Previous "Crunch Pod"
Next "Doll and Chain"

Psychic Moose is the A part of the fourth episode of Season 1 of Pepper Ann. It was paired with "Doll and Chain" and originally aired on October 4, 1997.

Summary Edit

Pepper Ann begins to think that Moose is psychic after she sees her at the mall with Ezzy, a psychic, and Moose seems to know a lot about Pepper Ann.

Pepper Ann wants to protect her sister but is the answer simpler than she thinks?


Lydia: Do it yourself, Janie!
Pepper Ann: Okay, what do I want a tattoo of?

Moose: The international symbol for recycling.

Pepper Ann: Well...I...At least I'm doing my part!
Lydia: Margaret Rose Pearson! Pepper Ann Pearson! Sit!


  • This is the first time we hear Moose's full name.

The Desk Gag Edit

"Ooh, five bucks!"