Pink-Eye Pete
Pink Eyed Pete
Gender Male
Age 12 (presumably)
First Appearance
Last Appearance "The Word"
Voiced By Jeff Bennett

Peter "Pink-Eye Pete" Oglevee is a boy who attends Seventh grade at Hazelnut Middle School.

He suffers from Pink-eye, hence his nickname. In "The Way They Were", he mentions that the doctor said his Pink-eye would be gone in "two weeks, tops".

In "Dear Debby", it is revealed the Pepper Ann inadvertently caused Pete to get pink-eye when they were younger, because she told him to go have the nurse look at his hangnail, failing to notice that the nurse's office was currently under quarantine for pink-eye.

Unlike many other characters (e.g. Alice Kane, Gwen Mezzrow, Stewart Walldinger), Pete's last name is mentioned only once throughout the entire series, when the photographer calls Pete to take his yearbook picture in "Ziterella".