Nurse Oomla
Nurse Oomla
Gender Female
Age Unknown
First Appearance
"You Oughta Be in Musicals!"
Last Appearance "The Wash-Out"
Voiced By Ellen Cleghorne

Nurse Oomla is the nurse at Hazelnut Middle School and a minor character in Pepper Ann. She is voiced by Ellen Cleghorne. She appears in two episodes: "You Oughta Be in Musicals!", where she helps Pepper Ann wake up from her dream of life being a musical, and "The Wash-Out", where she talks to Gwen Mezzrow privately in the hall, which Pepper Ann misinterprets as Gwen having head lice, resulting in everyone avoiding Gwen. Pepper Ann later meets Nurse Oomla in her office, and finds out she herself has lice, and accidentally infected every student except Gwen in the process.


Nurse Oomla wears a traditional nurse's outfit, which is white with red trim. She has dark brown hair, wears yellow earrings, and has red lipstick. She also wears white shoes with red and blue socks.

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