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Nicky Little
Gender Female
Age 12
First Appearance
Last Appearance "The Finale"
Voiced By Clea Lewis

Nicky Anais Little is one of Pepper Ann's best friends. She is a very beautiful twelve-year-old seventh-grader. Her only imperfection is that sometimes she is a little too perfect.

Once, Nicky tried being "bad," but she soon discovered she liked being perfect instead of "bad" ("Nicky Gone Bad"). Nicky is one of the only people who can get through to Pepper Ann's strange thoughts and try to talk some sense into her, although she doesn't always listen.

Nicky's dream is to become a concert violinist in Italy. She practices her violin and her Italian every day. She even once got Stewart Walldinger to learn Italian ("Like Riding A Bike"). We've only seen her perform in Hazelnut twice, but she did get to play at The Realto once.


  • "Kill it Red!'
  • "Mama needs to toss these walkin' shoes!"
  • "When will Pepper Ann stop theseee lies?!"
  • "Only the best musicians can play at The Realto."


  • Nicky's hairstyle seems to cover one of her eyes whenever she turns her head.
  • She, along with her sister Becky, is deathly afraid of swans.
  • In "Guess who's coming to the Theater" Nicky states that "nothing with eyelashes has touched her palate" for six years, implying that she became a vegetarian at age six. However, in "Nicky Gone Bad", Pepper Ann states that Nicky has brought "grilled Ahi, steamed carrots and Chai" for lunch for the last six years, meaning she would not be a vegetarian. While it's possible this means she's a pescatarian, it is likely that this is just a continuity error.
  • Her middle name is Anais.
  • She is surprisingly strong.

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