Nicky Gone Bad
Season 1
Episode 13A
Written By Mirith JS Colao
Directed By
Sherie Pollack
Original Airdate January 24, 1998
Previous "The Unusual Suspects"
Next "In Support Of"

Nicky Gone Bad is the A part of the thirteenth and final episode of Season 1 of Pepper Ann. It was paired with "In Support Of" and originally aired on January 24, 1998.

Summary Edit

When Nicky gets tired of everyone always thinking she's perfect and a goody-two-shoes, she decides to reinvent herself with a new bad girl image, begins calling herself Nické and starts doing all sorts of "bad" things.

Pepper Ann worries where Nicky will end up if she carries on with her bad behavior.


Nické: HAHA! Put that in your pod and crunch it!
Nické: You want a piece of me, dirtbag?!
Mr. Carter: Pepper Ann! Quit buggin' Nické!
Nické: I am bad. Can't you just get used to it?
Pepper Ann: Can you?
Nicky: "Milo, we're going to miss first period!"
Milo: "That's why they have second period.
Nicky: I am Nicky Little and I am amazing! So there!
Pepper Ann: That was a perfectly healthy emotional outburst.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Nicky's father.

The Desk GagEdit

"Cool, a mood ring!"


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