Ned Diggety
Gender Male
Age 16
First Appearance
"Megablades of Grass"
Last Appearance "One Angry Woman"
Voiced By Jeff Bennett

Nedward "Ned" Diggety is a minor character and the son of JoJo Diggety and Janie Diggety, the nephew of Lydia Pearson and the cousin of Pepper Ann and Moose Pearson.

According to Pepper Ann, Ned is basically a waste of a teenager. He doesn't drive; he still rides his bike everywhere. He doesn't seem to take advantage of any teen things, such as teen magazines and PG-13 movies. He mostly sits around and watches TV.

One of Ned's biggest obsessions is cheese. For no apparent reason, he loves it. One of his wishes was to see the "Cheese Capades", and he's been seen to take a cheese wheel out of the fridge and eat it like it's a normal snack. Want to get Ned out of the house? Roll a cheese wheel down the street. He'll chase it. We know; Pepper Ann tried it.

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