Margot LeSandre
Gender Female
Age Unknown, presumably early 40's
First Appearance "In Support Of"
Last Appearance "That's My Mama Destructo"
Voiced By Kathy Najimy

Margot LeSandre is a salesperson at the local lingerie shop, "Veronica's Treasures." She is also the mother of a boy around Moose's age named Sean.

Her first major appearance is in "In Support Of" when Pepper Ann and Lydia visit her shop. She and Lydia seem to get along just fine in this episode, and don't seem to know eachother at all as Margot introduces herself to them.

She appears again in "The Sisterhood" as Janie's "frenemy" during Pepper Ann's first jaunt at the annual "Adament Eve" retreat at the Motel 3. They share insults and eventually Janie realizes that she doesn't have to pretend to like Margot just because she's a woman. Interestingly enough, Lydia and Margot seem merely indifferent to each other at this point.

Margot is also known to be some sort of etiquette coach, as she helped Pepper Ann to prepare for the "Miss Bulk Food" Pageant in "One of the Guys".

For most of the series, Lydia and Margot get along, however Margot has been known to extend her insulting remarks from Janie to Lydia. This is later shown to have a purpose, as when Moose gets into a romantic relationship with Sean in "Moose in Love", both Lydia and Margot are completely against it due to a misunderstanding in college that caused them to hate each other. After this episode, it is presumed that they get along quite well.

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