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Janie Diggety
Gender Female
Age Approximately 39
First Appearance
Last Appearance "Moose in Love"
Voiced By Susan Tolsky

Janie Diggety (nee' Lilly) is the daughter of Leo and Lillian Lilly, the sister of Lydia Pearson, the wife of JoJo Diggety, the mother of Ned Diggety and aunt of Pepper Ann and Moose Pearson. She is an an ex-Green Beret. Her role in the series is giving Pepper Ann support and helping her solve her problems.


  • In "Cold Feet" we learn that her name was supposed to be Lanie but because Lilian was given so much epidural after the birth she wrote the "L" backwards and decide to keep the name.
    • Also, if it wasn't for the fact that Janie was about to be born, she and Lilian would have been killed in the Buddy Holly plane crash.
  • In ​"The Way They Were" we found out that it was Janie who made Pepper Ann a big fan of Fuzzy.

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