Gender Female
Age 13 (most likely)
First Appearance
"Sketch 22"
Last Appearance N/A
Voiced By Pamela Segall ("P.A.'s Life In A Nutshell", silent otherwise)

Hush is a cool girl from the 8th grade and a minor character in Pepper Ann. She makes various appearances throughout the series, mostly in the background.

As her name implies, Hush doesn't say much. In fact, most of the time she doesn't say anything at all. The longest sentence we've ever heard her say was 10 words. Nothing is known about why she doesn't talk; we can only speculate the reasons. Is she mute? No. Is she shy? Maybe. Is she saving it all for when it really matters? Possibly. The only thing we know for sure about Hush is that she's quiet...very quiet. She is always seen hanging out with Sketch, Poison, and Tank.

Hush speaks only once in the series, in the episode "P.A.'s Life In A Nutshell", when she tells Pepper Ann she relates to an article P.A. wrote in the school zine Within the Nutshell. Pepper Ann and the other students are surprised by this, as Hush very rarely speaks.