Gwen Mezzrow
Gwen Mezzrow
Gender Female
Age 12 (presumably)
First Appearance
"Crush and Burn"
Last Appearance "The Finale"
Voiced By Kimmy G. Robertson
Gwen Mezzrow

Gwen Mezzrow,

Gwen Mezzrow is a student at Hazelnut Middle School and a minor character in Pepper Ann.

Gwen is a bubbly, blonde-braided girl that Milo can never decide if he likes. Gwen is usually associated with Dieter, though, because she once referred to him as her "real love" and they were together as a couple a few times. However, she and Milo tend to have alternating crushes on each other and are unable to like each other on the same day.

In "Crush and Burn" Milo becomes upset when he finds out that Gwen has a crush on him. This leads Pepper Ann to suggest that she and Milo pretend to date in order to scare off Gwen.

In "The Wash-Out" Gwen gets called out of class by the nurse. Pepper Ann speculates about the reason behind this and accidentally starts a rumor that Gwen has head lice, resulting in the whole school avoiding her.