Season 2
Episode 4B
Written By Matthew Negrete & Nahnatchka Khan
Directed By
Brad Goodchild
Original Airdate October 3, 1998
Previous "An OtterBiography"
Next "Vanessa Less Tessa"

GreenSleeves is the B part of the fourth episode of Season 2 of Pepper Ann. It was paired with "An OtterBiography" and originally aired on October 3, 1998.

Summary Edit

Nicky is great at music and Pepper Ann wants to be just like her, but Lydia won't pay for her to take lessons because she knows Pepper Ann doesn't have the patience to take lessons to play anything. So Pepper Ann buys a PianoBrite 2000, a keyboard on wich the keys light up to show her how to play a song: GreenSleeves.

She quickly becomes a sensation, but Nicky begins to suspect something and starts to get jealous.


Nicky: I have been trying to play the Rialto since I was pre-natal!
Milo: Repeat after me: in with the love, out with the jive.
Pepper Ann: I can't play on that! There are no lights on that!
Pepper Ann: Mr. Clapper, will you teach me how to play 'Let It Rip' with my butt?


  • Following this episode, "GreenSleeves" becomes a running joke. Look for it again in "The Amazing Becky Little".
  • This is the first time Pepper Ann sings "Boy, I love you boy, you ain't no toy!". She sings it again in "You Oughta Be in Musicals!" and "Pepper Ann's Day Off-Kilter".
  • We find out the music teacher's name is Mr. Clapper in this episode. However, we never find out his first name.