Grandma Lillian
Gender Female
Age 70s-80s
First Appearance
"Thanksgiving Dad"
Last Appearance "The Word"
Voiced By April Winchell

Lillian Lilly, better known as Grandma Lillian, is Pepper Ann, Moose and Ned's grandmother, Lydia and Janie's mother and Leo's wife.

She first appears in "Thanksgiving Dad" when she and Leo show up seven and a half hours early to Thanksgiving dinner because they were bored.

As a young woman she was a very talented singer and had a shot at fame, but chose to have a normal life and a family instead. She met Leo when she performed at a WWII sendoff at Lupkin Park. The two bonded instantly and were married not long after, 50 years prior to the events of "Cold Feet" (roughly 1947).

Young Grandma

Lillian as a young woman, as she appeared in "Cold Feet".

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