Gerta Liederhosen
Gerta Liederhosen
Gender Female
Age Unknown
First Appearance
"Have You Ever Been Unsupervised"
Last Appearance "Unhappy Campers"
Voiced By April Winchell

Gerta Liederhosen, often referred to as Mrs. Liederhosen, is Dieter Liederhosen's mother and a minor character in Pepper Ann.

Gerta moved to Hazelnut from Germany sometime around 1990 with Dieter, as part of an "obstetrician exchange program", as we learn in "The Way They Were".

She actually delivered Moose after Lydia's doctor was transferred to Germany to take Gerta's place.

It's unknown if she's still an obstetrician, as in "Hazelnut's Finest" it's mentioned that her emergency room skills saved someone's life.

Her husband is still alive, as their son sent him a videotape about his life in Hazelnut. This means he is living in Germany. ("To Germany with Love")

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