Dieter Liederhosen
Gender Male
Age 12 (until "Have You Ever Been Unsupervised", when he turned 13)
First Appearance
Last Appearance "The Finale"
Voiced By Jeff Bennett

Dieter Liederhosen is a German kid who attends Hazelnut Middle School and is in the same grade/classes as Pepper Ann, Nicky Little and Milo Kamalani. He appears in several episodes, the most notable being "To Germany With Love" in which he sends his father in Germany a video of his life in Hazelnut.

Dieter moved to Hazelnut from Germany with his mother Gerta (who works as an obstetrician at the local hospital and delivered Moose) sometime around kindergarten ("The Way They Were").

In "Have You Ever Been Unsupervised" he celebrates his 13th birthday.

Through out the series it is revealed multiple characters are in love with him.