Didi O'Shaunassy
Gender Female
Age 12
First Appearance
"Doppelganger Didi"
Last Appearance "Doppelganger Didi"
Voiced By Kathleen Wilhoite

Didi O'Shaunassy is an Honor student at Our Lady of Walnut and a minor character in Pepper Ann. She appears in season two's "Doppelganger Didi", though her face is not fully shown. This is her only appearance; however she is mentioned in "Sense and Senselessness".

In "Doppelganger Didi", Pepper Ann finds out that there is a twelve year old girl who goes to the private school, Our Lady of Walnut, who looks, sounds and acts just like her. After questioning several people she comes to the conclusion that not only does Didi look like her, but they also have the same interests and quirks.

Nothing is known about Didi outside of the fact that she wants to be a veterinarian, is saving for her own horse, and golf apparently makes her cry.

From what we see in "Doppelganger Didi", the whole O'Shaunassy family appears to be doppelgangers of the Pearsons. Didi has a mother whose name is not mentioned that looks exactly like Lydia, an Aunt Lanie (who looks exactly like Aunt Janie), an Uncle JayJay (who isn't shown) and a sister named Goose, who looks exactly like Moose.

The O'Shaunassys only appear in "Doppelganger Didi", and are never seen again after that episode. Didi is mentioned in "Sense and Senselessness" however.