Crunch Pod
Season 1
Episode 3B
Written By David Hemingson
Directed By
Sherie Pollack
Original Airdate September 27, 1997
Previous "Old Best Friend"
Next "Psychic Moose"

Crunch Pod is the B part of the third episode of Season 1 of Pepper Ann.. It was paired with "Old Best Friend" and originally aired on September 27, 1997.

Plot Edit

Milo defends his title of Crunch Pod Champion for the fourth year in a row. But, when he wins a free game, Pepper Ann plays it and accidentally beats his high score.

This doesn't bother Milo until people start praising Pepper Ann for her mastery of the Pod. Nicky tries to get them to stop fighting, but Pepper Ann and Milo want a final showdown.


Pepper Ann: Sleep is for infants and old people!
Milo: It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you crunch the pod.
Dieter: The king is dead. Long live the queen!
Pepper Ann: Where'd ya get that hat? Because that is the hat of a champion.

Milo: I found it in the garbage.

Pepper Ann: And I waste my time shopping.
Milo: All you did was win the lottery, but now all these neophyte Pod wannabes think you're the greatest thing on Earth when, in fact, you're just a whack warrior from the planet Pretender!
Nicky: Who's up for ChocoPoodle? ChocoPoodle? ChocoPoodle?
Don't just stand there, bring it on!
~ Pepper Ann and Milo
Sir Hepsalot: Huzzah! And welcome to Burger Fortress. I am Sir Helpsalot. May I takest thine order?
Milo: Me? Upset? On fishstick day?
Milo: Eee! Easy cowgirl.

Notes, Goofs, and TriviaEdit

  • Wouldn't Pepper Ann's score not count towards the title of Pod Champ since she played the free game after the tournament was over?
  • This is the first time Nicky mentions getting chased by a swan.