Cold Feet
Season 2
Episode 11B
Written By Laura McCreary
Directed By
Brad Goodchild
Original Airdate December 26, 1998
Previous "Impractical Jokes"
Next "Doppelganger Didi"

Cold Feet is the B part of the eleventh episode of Season 2 of Pepper Ann.. It was paired with "Impractical Jokes" and originally aired on December 26, 1998.

Summary Edit

Pepper Ann's grandparents are renewing their vows on their 50th anniversary. Pepper Ann can't bring herself to understand how they could have had a great life in a place as boring as Hazelnut.

But she finds her grandmother having second thoughts about the vow renewal, and Lillian tells Pepper Ann some stories about her life that Pepper Ann never could have imagined.


Pepper Ann: It's not like they're celebrating anything really important. Just fifty boring years in boring old Hazelnothing...
Pepper Ann: Alright, places, people! This is a vow renewal ceremony, not happy hour at Nutty McGillicutty's!
Pepper Ann: Nicky, I gotta go. Mom's baking.
Aunt Janie: Lydia, I thought you said you'd sooner paint a sign on the side of a beached whale than advertise on a blimp.
Aunt Janie: One hair in one deviled egg and we'll never hear the end of it.

Trivia Edit

  • We learn that Janie was supposed to be named Lanie, but because Lillian was woozy from the Epidural, she wrote the "L" backwards and it stuck. Lillian later decided to get a turtle and name her Lanie.
  • It seems while Lillian was living a happy life after the WWII performance and marrying Leo, her understudy, Annie Briar, lived a bad life despite being famous.
  • We learn that the money Pepper Ann and Lillian won in the talent contest went for a down payment on the house the Pearsons live in.