Coach Doogan
Coach Doogan
Gender Female
Age Unknown
First Appearance
"Soccer Season"
Last Appearance "Strike it Or Not"
Voiced By Kathy Najimy

Coach Doogan, as her name suggests, is the PE (Physical Education) coach at Hazelnut Middle School who teaches Pepper Ann and the other students.

In "In Support Of" she informs Pepper Ann's class that they need "support" for the upcoming trampoline lesson. Pepper Ann misinterpets this as the coach saying that she needs a bra and spends the episode worrying and shopping for a bra. She eventually finds out what Coach Doogan meant by "support": a partner to help you on the trampoline.

Like most of the other teachers, not a lot is known about her life outside of school. In fact, the only major time we've seen her away from school was in "The Sisterhood", when she attends the "Adamant Eve" women's retreat.

She apparently used to be a nun, as she'll mention how she "left the convent" in various episodes. It it unknown why or when she was a nun, however.