Chuck Pearson
Chuck Pearson
Gender Male
Age Unknown, presumably early 40's
First Appearance "Thanksgiving Dad"
Last Appearance "Sense and Senselessness"
Voiced By Maurice LaMarche
Charles "Chuck" Pearson is the father of Pepper Ann and Moose Pearson and the ex-husband of Lydia Pearson and a minor character in Pepper Ann.

He is seen only in a few episodes in his entirety ("Thanksgiving Dad", "That's My Dad " and "Guess Who's Coming to the Theater ", most notably). We know, however, that he is a blimp pilot for "Nice Week".

He and Lydia got divorced four years prior to the events of the series, though still remain on good terms. However, Lydia does seem to want to impress him or avoid him altogether when he comes to visit.

For the first and second seasons, it was a bit of a running gag that his face was never seen. This changes in later episodes, with "That's My Dad" being the first time his entire face is shown.