Career Daze
Career Daze
Season 4
Episode 1B
Written By Matthew Negrete
Directed By
Brad Goodchild
Original Airdate February 6, 2000
Previous "Burn Hazelnut Burn"
Next "G.I. Janie"

Career Daze is the B part of the first episode of Season 4 of Pepper Ann. It was paired with "Burn Hazelnut Burn" and originally aired on February 6, 2000.

Summary Edit

Mr. Finky has his class take a career test to see which jobs they're best suited for, then has them try out the career. Nicky ends up a butcher, Milo a stockbroker, and Pepper Ann a middle-school principal. When they end up miserable in their new "jobs", they begin to realize they can't rely on a test to tell them what's best for them.


Nicky: Um, excuse me, Mr. Finky, I think you must have handed me Shelf McLain's test results by mistake.
Milo: Stockbroker? Stockbroker?! ...What's a stockbroker?
Vera: Cry me a river, Herbert, cry me a river.
Pepper Ann: My life is worse than trash. It's the liquid sludge that leaks out of the trash bag and drips all over your shoes.


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