Buck-toothed boy
Colby Von. Schmitz
Gender Male
Age 12 (presumably)
First Appearance
Last Appearance "The Finale"
Voiced By (unknown)

This is a minor character who appears cammo in Pepper Ann Television series

He is known to have a yellow shirt and red sleeves and is in the same class at Hazelnut School as Pepper Ann, though not named he is told to be a nice character as some of his personality is told towards being a Clint Eastwood guy, he is of German descent.


In the episode Ziterella on his first appearance can be described a shy nervous kid whom is scared to have his picture taken at first and also he has trouble communicating with people when he is nervous all the time such as the cameraman however asked him for block or pony in that episode,

He is not always shy but he tries his best not to be that person, however when he was about to have his photo taken he had to do a smile grin due to his personality of being frightened of camera though,