Bronte Bladdar
Bronte Bladdar
Gender Female
Age Unknown
First Appearance
"The Environ-Mentals"
Last Appearance "The Finale"
Voiced By BeBe Neuwirth

Ms. Bronte Bladdar is an English teacher at Hazelnut Middle School.

She is one of the most unenthusiastic teachers at the school, and always speaks in a flat and monotonous voice, but doesn't usually say much unless it is to express her distaste—which she has towards just about everything.

She is often pulled out of her English class to substitute for Ms. Ford, the seemingly-always absent Art teacher.

She first appears in "The Environ-Mentals", and in "Quiz Bowl", she is assigned as the director of the team going to the Bumpathon Quiz Bowl competition. She also briefly substitutes for Mr. Reason in "The One with Mr. Reason".

We don't know a lot about Ms. Bladdar's life outside of school, but we do know that she's not currently in a relationship as she tells Pepper Ann that she's only teaching because she's "looking for a man" in "Strike it Or Not".

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