Gender Female
Age 12 (most likely)
First Appearance
"Old Best Friend"
Last Appearance "Complimentary Colors"
Voiced By Tara Charendoff

Brenda is a minor character and Pepper Ann's best friend from years ago. The two spent lots of time together at Cubby Camp in the past. She moves to Hazelnut in "Old Best Friend", and Pepper Ann is very excited that she's going to get to see her again.

Unfortunately, Pepper Ann quickly finds out that she and Brenda have nothing in common anymore, and tries her hardest to avoid having to say so. When Pepper Ann is about to tell her the truth, Brenda interrupts and admits she has outgrown Pepper Ann, ending their friendship.

Brenda only makes a few appearances over the course of the entire series, the most notable being "Old Best Friend" and "A Valentine's Day Tune", the only times she spoke during the series. She also makes cameo appearances in "Crush and Burn", "You Oughta Be in Musicals!" and "Complimentary Colors".

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