Becky Little
Gender Female
Age 19 (likely)
First Appearance "The Amazing Becky Little"
Last Appearance "Complimentary Colors"
Voiced By Glenne Headley

Becky Little is the older sister of Nicky Little, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Little, and a minor character in Pepper Ann.

Much like Nicky, Becky is near perfect at almost everything she does. She was class president in middle school and currently studies at Harvard.

Her first appearance is in "The Amazing Becky Little" when Nicky begins to feel inferior after Becky comes home to celebrate their parents' anniversary.

Trivia Edit

  • Her birthday is March 8th.
  • Like Nicky, she is terrified of swans.
  • There is never any mention or reference of Nicky having a sister before "The Amazing Becky Little".
  • Becky makes minor appearances in a few other episodes after "The Amazing Becky Little", primarily in flashbacks.