Alice Kane
Alice Kane
Gender Female
Age 12 (presumably)
First Appearance "The Big Pencil"
Last Appearance "Alice Kane Went Down To Calcutta"
Voiced By Lauren Tom

Alice Kane is a student at Hazelnut Middle School who is in the same grade/classes as Pepper Ann, Nicky Little and Milo Kamalani.

She is Pepper Ann's rival, and appears to always be trying to one-up her. She refers to Pepper Ann as "P-Ann", much to the chagrin of Pepper Ann. 

She first appears in "The Big Pencil" when Pepper Ann competes against her to win the schools' science competition which Alice has won three years in a row. 

She only makes a few major appearances throughout the series, the last being "Alice Kane Went Down To Calcutta" in which her family is moving to Calcutta, India and she tries to make up with Pepper Ann (who's suspicious of her sudden new leaf) before she leaves.